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Ausstellung "Action <-> Reaction – 100 years of kinetic art
22.09.2018 - 20.01.2019,
Kunsthal, Rotterdam

In the autumn of 2018, the Kunsthal Rotterdam will cover the complete range of kinetic (moving) art in the exhibition Action <-> Reaction. It will feature work by the most famous kinetic artists in the world. This impressive retrospective will offer Kunsthal visitors an opportunity to experience art that appeals to all the senses. Feel, watch, smell, hear and experience the rhythms, flashes, vibrations, instabilities and force fields right up to the cosmos! The exhibition is a revival of the successful 2013 Paris exhibition ‘Dynamo’ and is realised in close collaboration with the Grand Palais in Paris.

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Ausstellung "Black & White. Von Dürer bis Eliasson",
22.03. - 15.07.2018,
Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

Grau, „die ideale Farbe“ – so Gerhard Richter. Seit jeher sind Künstler angezogen von einer Welt ohne Farbe. Durch die Konzentration auf Schwarz und Weiß fordern sie den Betrachter auf, Wahrnehmungsmuster und künstlerische Darstellungsweisen zu überdenken. Anhand von etwa 80 Arbeiten aus einem Zeitraum von 700 Jahren – Gemälde, Tapisserie, Glasmalerei, Fotografie und Grafik – präsentiert die Schau einen umfassenden Überblick über die besondere Faszination der Schwarz-Weiß-Malerei. Ausgehend von mittelalterlichen Grisaille-Werken bis zur Lichtinstallation „Room for one colour“ von Olafur Eliasson widmet sich die Ausstellung der Frage nach der visuellen Kraft der reduzierten Farbpalette.

Die Ausstellung wurde organisiert von der National Gallery, London, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf. Dieser Text stammt von der Internet-Seite des Muesums Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf.

Ausstellung "A century of light and motion in art, 1913-2013",
10. April bis 22. Juli 2013, Grand Palais, Paris

Notions of space, vision and light run through the abstract art of the 20th century and interest many world renowned contemporary artists such as Ann Veronica Janssens, Anish Kapoor, John Armleder, Carsten Höller, Philippe Decrauzat, Jeppe Hein, Felice Varini and Xavier Veilhan.

By putting vibration along with the spectator's perception in the centre of their works, they set up multiple resonances with optical and kinetic art, which first emerged at the Movement exhibition in Denise René's Paris gallery in 1955, but also, more broadly, with what was later called "perceptual art" at the exhibition The Responsive Eye at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1965.

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Jetzt erschienen:
Wolfgang Ludwig, Arbeiten von 1958 - 1970

Arbeiten von 1958 – 1970
Dierk Dierking (Editor)
Deutsch, Englisch
Köln 2010, 56 Seiten, 26 Bilder,
29,7 cm x 29,7 cm

ISBN 978-3-00-030904-5
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Wolfgang Ludwig ist tot

Am 25. März 2009 starb Wolfgang Ludwig in Berlin.



Ausstellung "222", 09.05. - 08.06.2008,
Galerie KUNSTFAKTOR, Berlin

Zumsammen mit Christiane Meyer, Matthias Müller und Björn Warwas stellte Wolfgang Ludwig in der Galerie KUNSTFAKTOR ab dem 10. Mai Objekte seiner Reihe "sax and sound" aus.

Informationen unter www.berliner-kunst.de oder www.kunstfaktor.de



Ausstellung “Optic Nerve”, 16.02. - 17. 06.2007,
Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio

Kinematische Scheiben Take a magic carpet ride back in time and experience the movement that redefined the art world. OPTIC NERVE: Perceptual Art of the 1960's will be on view exclusively at the Columbus Museum of Art, February 16 - June 17, 2007. Showcasing works by 55 international artists and collaborative groups, OPTIC NERVE includes fashion and design objects that illustrate the movement's influence on the pop culture of the 1960s. Support for OPTIC NERVE is provided by Presenting Sponsor National City.

The first comprehensive survey of Op Art by an American museum in more than twenty-five years, the exhibition examines the development and lasting influence of the international movement exploring perceptual phenomena in painting, sculpture, and light installation. Combining color and abstract patterns, the works produce optical illusions of pulsating movement through precise, mathematically-based composition.

"Op Art had a profound effect on the course of contemporary art, provoking a more interactive viewing experience," said Joe Houston, associate curator for contemporary art at the Columbus Museum of Art. "This is art that heads directly to the nervous system and draws attention to our own processes of seeing and believing. As Bridget Riley put it, 'perception is the medium.' As a result, these artists pioneered new forms of the electronic media and environmental installation that artists today commonly use to immerse viewers in a sensory experience."

Born in an era of social tension and radical change, the art of the period has become emblematic of the technological, social, and sexual revolution in an era of global change. Among the artists represented will be Josef Albers, Edna Andrade, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Tadasky (Tadasuke Kuwayama), Carlos Cruz-Diez, Ellsworth Kelly, Francois Morellet, Larry Poons, Bridget Riley, Jesus Rafael Soto, Julian Stanczak, Frank Stella, and Victor Vasarely.

An illustrated catalogue, with essays by Joe Houston and critic Dave Hickey, will be distributed worldwide by Merrell Publishing of London.

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